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The Slings and Things Library offers women who have delivered at the Clinic the chance to have on loan a variety of useful and beautiful donated items to help them in their first few months with their new baby.


Everything is free to borrow, and can be kept by each woman for the first six months. This limit only exists to give as many women as possible the chance to benefit, but as we build up the library, we will be able to offer longer loans.  

There is also a newborn clothes bank to allow each woman to go home with complete outfits, hats, and blankets for their babies.


This includes:

  • Ring slings

  • Wrap-around slings

  • Reusable cloth nappies

  • Reusable breast pad

The Clinic is fortunate to have received several very generous donations of items for the library, and are grateful for the kindness of these companies. 

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