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Maternal Ultrasound Scanning, Ethiopia


Research has long shown the important role of ultrasound scanning in the early identification of problems that might arise later in a pregnancy or during delivery. Ideally, every woman would have at least one scan in her pregnancy, but many women in rural Ethiopia cannot afford the cost.  With the support of New Life Birth Centres, the Clinic is able to offer free ultrasound scans to all women attending for antenatal care. 


With the identification of either fetal abnormalities, undiagnosed multiple pregnancies (i.e. twins or triplets), placental complications (i.e. placenta praevia or placental abruption), or unexpected presentations (i.e. breech), action can be taken by the Clinic staff to appropriately manage the situation in a timely manner.


This is part of a wider global movement to increase the use of modern technology in decreasing maternal mortality and morbidity.

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