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The Maternal and Child Health Outpatients is equipped to provide family planning and contraception advice, sexual health counselling, early labour assessments, postnatal follow up, gynaecological assessments, fertility counselling, well-baby checks, nutritional assessments, neonatal assessments, and under-5 assessments. The Clinic has experienced midwives and a specialist children's nurse available for consultations.


The MCH OPD also serves as a "safe room" for women who do not feel able to provide their baby with the life they deserve, where babies can be left safely and warmly with our Clinic staff until further arrangements can be made.

Mostly, being a midwife is wonderful, an


2011-2012 EC

The Clinic gave family planning and contraceptive advise to 77 women. Of these 62% opted for an "Implanon" device, 28% for "Depo" 3-month contraceptive injections, and 10% for condoms. All women delivering at the Clinic also received contraception counselling.

Total care expenditure

5,775 birr

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2011-2012 EC

The Clinic provided antenatal care appointments for 189 women. Of those 55, had the Ministry of Health recommended four or more appointments, 17 were referred for further evaluation at a hospital, and 33 went on to have vaginal deliveries at the Clinic. 

Total care expenditure:

9,450 birr

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2011-2012 EC

The Clinic conducted 159 obstetric scans.  Of these,12 women were referred to hospital with suspected abnormalities for further scanning.  102 of these scans were performed on women attending the Clinic for ANC.

Total care expenditure

23,850 birr

Samira and her lovely little boy, Abdul,


2011-2012 EC

The Clinic provided 48 well-baby (before 11 months) and neonatal (before 28 days) assessments. 33 of these were women who had delivered at the Clinic.  No babies required referral.

Total care expenditure

3,600 birr

Everyone wanted to help this little one


2011-2012 EC

The Clinic undertook 55 nutritional assessments on under-5s. Of these, 1 was severely malnourished necessitating admission, and 3 were moderately malnourished and started on PlumpyNut.

Total care expenditure:

4,125 birr

It's always such a treat to see our love


2011-2012 EC

The Clinic assessed 675 under-5 patients, of these 458 were referred to MCH from the ER. The most common reasons for assessment were fever (87%), diarrhea and vomiting (35%), and cough (66%). 

Total care expenditure:

48,600 birr

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