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Founder and Director

Following the completion of her degree from the University of Cambridge in medical anthropology, Indie went to do her midwifery training in the UK before working in Malawi, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, and finally Ethiopia, where she met Atsede.


She believes in culturally-relevant, trauma-informed care, and in the irreplaceable role midwives have in continuing to mitigate the effects of global social, health, and gender inequalities. 

Indie's articles have been widely published in leading midwifery journals, and she has spoken at several international conferences. She has also led the Clinic's involvement in two GCRF-funded qualitative research projects in partnership with City University, London.

Indie currently holds the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors of the Global Alliance of Indepdent Midwives, and International Liaison for the Association of Independent Midwives, Ethiopia. 

Indie's curriculum vitae is available here.



Founder and Director

Head of Clinical Services

Atsede is a Gurage midwife with vast experience and knowledge, having led the high-risk maternity services at the referral hospital for over 5 years, where she was the Lead Clinician for Obstetric and Neonatal Emergencies, as well as undertaking specialist training in HIV/AIDS care, and managing the peer-to-peer women's support group. 

In 2019, Atsede was the recipient of the International Midwife of the Year Award from the International Midwifery Expo.

Atsede has co-authored several articles and blog pieces discussing the challenges of working in low-resource settings. She also led the Clinic's involvement in a quantitative research project in partnership with Harar University, Ethiopia. Atsede is due to complete her BSc Nursing degree in summer 2021.

Atsede has been instrumental in establishing the Association of Independent Midwives, Ethiopia, and currently holds the position of President of the Executive Committee. 

Atsede's curriculum vitae is available here.

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