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For patients needing observation whilst in an acute phase of illness, such as dehydration, migraine, febrile children, monitoring following blood loss, or severe malaria, the Clinic's two-bedded Admission Room is available. Staffed 24-hours, it enables the Clinic nurses to more closely monitor patients over a 12-hour period. Outside of this, referral to the hospital will be arranged. 

The Admission Room is also used as a postnatal resting room, where women are encouraged to stay at the Clinic for six hours following their birth to allow the midwives to provide the support and care recommended in the immediate postnatal period, as well as performing clinical assessments before the woman and their baby return to their family. 

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2011-2012 EC

The Clinic has admitted 17 patients to the Admission Room. All patients were admitted whilst awaiting definitive testing for malaria and tyhpiod. 72% tested positive for malaria,  and 18% for typhiod.

Total treatment expenditure:

850 birr

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2011 - 2012

The Clinic has admitted 31 children. 87% of these admissions were for diarroea and vomiting, 7% for severe malaria, 3% for malnutition, and 3% miscellaneous.  Average length of stay is 14 hours.

Total treatment expenditure:

2,325 birr

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2011 - 2012

The Clinic has admitted 15 women into the postnatal admission area. 10 of these were for further observation for postnatal bleeding, and 5 were on maternal request. Average length of stay is 12 hours. 

Total treatment expenditure:

750 birr

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