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At the moment, there is no playground in Gubrye. The children have nowhere safe or clean to gather and play, let along anything designed just for them! We want to include a swingset, roundabout, seesaw, and monkey bars.


With the realisation there is also no kindergarten, came the idea to expand the playground project to include this. Based on the Montessori learning, there will be capacity for 20 of Gubrye's littlest residents.


Because agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the area's families, an orchard, kitchen garden and chicken coop will be built to teach the kindergarten pupils the basic principles of caring for fruits, vegetables, and animals.


The older brothers and sisters of our kindergarten pupils will also be encouraged to come along and help with the orchards and gardens, as well as having access to books, puzzles, and games. 


The Clinic is currently seeking funding for this project.

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